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Vintage Sweethearts blanket is now online!

I don't know if you'll remember me talking about this blanket way back in April last year?  I think I might not have blogged about it as such and just shared in on the podcast at the time, so it's very possible that it's new to you.
This is my Vintage Sweethearts blanket and I designed it for Crochet Now Magazine to be their Official CAL of 2017.  I always find it rather a daunting task to think about starting a CAL design, there is so much to consider and it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning.
What really helps me though, is to find an idea or a story that I like, or that means something to me, that the design of the blanket can start to form around.  This time the idea can to me quite clearly and as is often the case with my blankets, invoked lots of childhood memory for me.

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